On a history making note Coubrough Centre of Equine Reproduction has the pleasure of delivering the best genetics for your mare, two National Grand Champions at your disposal.

Arrayan Estribo
Arrayan Estribo
Grand Champion Prado 2010
BT Manolo (Hornero),
& Constancia Pituca (Del Oeste Porteño)
Quelen Boticario
Quelen Boticario
Grand Champion Prado 2008
BT Mercurio (Hornero),
& Quelen Retocada (Tañido Chingolo)

Dear Breeder,

In a historical effort between Coubrough Cetntre of Equine Biotechnology and the studs Quebrada de Aznárez Elorza Hnos. as well as La Constancia de Sapelli Gutiérrez Hnos. We have the utmost pleasure to present two of the three last great champions, we offer their genetics at an unbeatable price for value. Both Stallions are being trained for the Freno de Oro.
This special offer is subjected to semen availability, do not hesitate to consult us on this or any other matter.
Warmest regards,

Dr. Cecilia Castell

Dear Friends,

 We have the utmost pleasure to inform you that counting from the 17th of September 2010 the European Union has included Uruguay in the select list of countries that can export semen to the EU, being Coubrough Centre in Equine Biotechnology, the first and only Centre in the country to hold this authorization.

This comes as a result of a great effort carried out by everyone in the Centre and in MAGAP. This achievement is only one more step in our long path towards the improvement and the diversification of the quality services we offer.

Warmest regards,

Dr. Charles Coubrough

La Magdalena
Ruta 101 Km. 24.200 - Paso Hondo - Canelones - Uruguay
Celular: 099-667881